The Egyptian obelisk! and the masonic emblems found at its base

history of the symbols with the opinions of leading masons as to their authenticity.

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  • Freemasonry -- Symbolism.,
  • Obelisks -- Egypt.

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The following figures will be found interesting: Height of the obelisk from base to tip, 69 feet 2 inches. Base of the obelisk, square through its axis, 7 feet 8| inches; at the top, 5 feet 3 inches. Weight, 1/4 tons. Main body of the obelisk, 61 feet 7 inches in length. Pyramidon, 7 feet 7 inches in length. As to form, there was no limitation, but, as might be expected, a committee selected the design of Freemason Robert Mills for a foot obelisk surrounded at its base by an olympian rotunda. By the society had collected and gained from judicious investments a total of $87,, and seemed on its . 4) "The portals of the Egyptian Temples are decorated with the hierogram of the Circle and the Serpent" 5) The serpent, "is found upon the Temple of Naki-Rustan in Persia, on the triumphal arch at Pechin, in China, over the gates of the great Temple of Chaundi Teeva, in Java; upon the walls of Athens.   It makes sense therefore that Freemasons built the Washington Monument Obelisk to form a magic square at its base and to stand feet above earth, so that when a line is drawn feet directly below it toward the underworld of Osiris, it equals the total of (+=)—the exact values of the binding square of the Sun God Apollo.

The King is invested with the triangular Masonic Apron, holding in his right hand the grand Masonic emblem and last grade obtained". Text from The obelisk and Freemasonry according to the discoveries of Belzoni and Commander Gorringe: also, Egyptian symbols compared with those discovered in American mounds by John A. Weisse, M.D.   In Washington, the Obelisk built by Freemasons and dedicated to America’s first president stands near the west end of the National Mall. It is the tallest Obelisk of its kind in the world, at 6, inches high ( feet) and inches wide ( feet) along each side at the base. Egyptian Obelisks. Of all structures created by Man, I can think of no other that garners my awe and admiration more than the Egyptian Obelisks. years ago, a single piece of granite would be cut from its quarry. It would measure about 8 feet on a side at its base, taper slightly to a height of about 80 feet, and weigh over tons. It. Ajet is an Egyptian hieroglyph, which meant a representation of the Horizon and the Sun above it, its daily birth and setting. Thus embodying the idea of sunrise and sunset. The circle in the center represents the Sun and the shapes found at the base would be the symbol of the Djew or mountains.

  By Dr. Thomas Horn. With what Malachi Martin once swore concerning a Masonic diabolicalus inside the Vatican scheming the arrival of a new global order under the Man of Sin, a while back in the lead-up to the documentary Belly of the Beast, the SkyWatch TV team made a trip to Washington D.C. where we met with two members of the Scottish Rite Freemasonry 33 rd-Degree. Later still, in the Greek Mysteries Religion, "Pan the goat god and god of (sexual) sensuality, was often represented by an obelisk". [Dr. Cathy Burns, "Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated", p. ] The obelisk is the sexual erect shaft of the Sun God -- by whatever name -- Ra, Baal, Osiris, Pan, Lucifer!

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Additional Physical Format: Print version: Egyptian obelisk. and the masonic emblems found at its base. Toronto: J.R. Robertson, (OCoLC) There is hardly a cemetery founded in the s and 50s without some form of Egyptian influence in the public buildings, gates, tomb art, etc.

Napoleon's Egyptian campaigns, the discoveries at the tombs of the Pharaohs, and our new Republic's need to borrow the best of the ancient cultures (Greek revival, classic revival, the prominence.

The power of Freemasonry is all to evident when we see that they have erected obelisks in London, Paris, New York and of course towering over the White House is the Washington monument erected in honour of Freemason George Washington.: A true Egyptian Obelisk is 10 times higher than its width, so for instance the Washington obelisk is feet tall and 55 wide at the base.

The Ministry of Antiquities in Egypt has announced the exciting discovery of the upper part of an Old Kingdom granite obelisk that dates back to around 2, BC. The ancient monument, which once had a top covered with copper or golden foil to shine in the sunlight, contains inscriptions that name Queen Ankhnespepy II.

An obelisk is a tall, vertical tower with a pyramid as its peak. Obelisks were inscribed with Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, and lay buried for centuries under the ground until they were discovered in the nineteenth century, and removed to Western cities such as New York, London and Paris.

The largest obelisk was sent to the USA. The larger circle you see at the bottom of the picture is an inverted-cross designed to walk on. It is the only religious emblem designed to be trampled on under foot.

Next, at the top of the next picture is a Moslem Gravesite, and just out of view to the right is an Egyptian Obelisk. Masonic handshake [Handshake (Masonic)] Popes. Obelisk. OBELISK. Of the several functions of the PILLAR among early peoples, the Egyptian obelisk was worshipped as the dwelling place of the sun-god.

Source: Illustrated Dictionary of Symbols in Eastern and Western Art by James Hall, published by HarperCollins,page   My intention in citing Freemasonry watch was to answer KSigMason's question about who believed that obelisks were Masonic symbols. I did not present them as a reliable source, just one that believes in the Masonic obelisk theory.

The idea that the obelisk is Masonic is highly debatable. Even the Mason members here can't cite its meaning to Masonry. Obelisks are erect phallic (penis) symbols related to the Egyptian Sun The Egyptian obelisk!

and the masonic emblems found at its base book, Ra. The four sides of the Washington Monument are aligned with the cardinal directions (i.e., east, west, north, and south). At the ground level each side of the monument measures feet in width, which is equal to inches each side.

The height of the obelisk is. Unlike its Egyptian forebears this obelisk would be made not from a single stone but from marble blocks weigh tons.

The Civil War halted construction, so it was not until that the obelisk reached its full fett and was topped off with an aluminium capstone with due Masonic pomp.

The Egyptian obelisk. and the masonic emblems found at its base [electronic resource]: history of the symbols with the opinions of leading masons as to their authenticity. (Toronto: J.R. Robertson, ) (page images at HathiTrust).

Symbols reveal and conceal. Symbols can reveal a multitude of levels of understanding and at the same time conceal just as much. The possibility also exists where one assumes something is symbolic when the actual object is the point of focus. A number of ancient Egyptian obelisks are known to have survived, plus the "Unfinished Obelisk" found partly hewn from its quarry at Aswan.

These obelisks are now dispersed around the world, and fewer than half of them remain in Egypt. The earliest temple obelisk still in its original position is the foot ( m) metric-ton (short.

The original design chosen for the Washington Monument was fancier and more clearly neoclassical: the base of the obelisk was to be ringed with 30 columns, its. The Capitol’s most important feature is of course its massive dome which carries heavy symbolic meaning, as we’ll see later.

This dome faces the Washington Monument, the foot tall ( inches) replica of an Egyptian obelisk. This layout is strikingly similar to ’s Square in the Vatican, where an obelisk faces a giant dome.

Masonic teaching centers on its initiation rituals. Each of Freemasonry’s three degrees takes the candidate through a journey steeped in history, symbolism, and allegory to teach him lessons of how to raise his divine spark, realize his relationship to a higher power (God, Grand Architect, Supreme Being, etc) and live a life of moral rectitude.

During the dismantling of the obelisk in the base pedestal a historical discovery of Masonic artifacts and emblems, which confirms claims of ancient Egyptian origins of Masonry.

Found in the base was a polished square craved in the upper part of a stone block; two blocks of stone, one smoothed finished and the other rough-hewed; a trowel. Obelisk and Freemasonry: Egyptian Symbols Compared with those Discovered in America [Weisse, John A.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Obelisk and Freemasonry: Egyptian Symbols Compared with those Discovered in AmericaReviews: 2. Obelisks are phallic (penis) symbols related to the Egyptian Sun god, Ra.

The 4 sides of the Washington Monument are aligned with the cardinal directions (i.e., east, west, north, and south). At the ground level each side of the monument measures feet long, which is equal to inches. The height of the obelisk is feet, which is.

There were many cultural reasons for the revival styles of the nineteenth century. Freemasonry, while part of the overall cultural influence, was not responsible for the prevalence of obelisks. If you would like to read more about some of these styles, see The Egyptian Revival: Its Sources, Monuments and Meaning,by Richard Carrott.

The ancient Egyptian city of Heliopolis can be discerned today only by its scattered and buried remains on the northeastern outskirts of Cairo. Its cultural and intellectual influence has been significant; yet from the biblical perspective, the city also claims a connection to a.

[Kenneth R.H. MacKenzie, The Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia of History, Rites, Symbolism, and Biography, New York, J.W. Bouton,p. ] Thus, you can see that the hypotenuse was conceived as a result of the sexual union of the base and the perpendicular.

Within Masonic symbolism, the sex act is portrayed as the union of the perpendicular and. Cleopatra’s Needle is an ancient Egyptian Obelisk, one of two that originally flanked the temple of “On” at Heliopolis, where Moses was educated and became a High Priest.

Built in BC by Pharaoh Thutmose III. The Obelisks were eventually moved. A parade of Freemasons (who were convinced that the pedestal carried Masonic emblems) heralded the New York obelisk's arrival in “This only increases my admiration for the ancient Egyptian engineers who erected dozens and dozens of obelisks with just rope, wood, and sand,” observes Brier.

3) The oldest Masonic Artifacts come from the base of the Obelisk from Alexandria, Egypt and possibly date to BC and the time of the Exodus which renders most of the "additional teachings" (and degrees) that refer to Solomon's Temple as.

Interestingly enough, there is also an obelisk at the front of St. Peter's in Rome as the photograph shows on the left. The one in Rome is a mere copy of an Egyptian obelisk, it is the very same obelisk that stood in Egypt in ancient times. Even more interesting, there is one positioned in front of the Capital in Washington D.C.

Extreme Egyptian Masonry: (Egyptian Masonry Skills). It is not surprising that the occasional eyebrow was raised in the past concerning the extent of the Egyptian masonry skills during the Early dynastic period. Not only were the structures superior in a visionary capacity, but.

The Washington Monument is a hollow Egyptian style stone obelisk with a foot ( m) tall column surmounted by a foot ( m) tall pyramidion. Its walls are 15 feet ( m) thick at its base and 1 1 ⁄ 2 feet ( m) thick at their top. The Egyptian Obelisk in the center of St. Peter’s Square. The entire path of enlightenment circles an obelisk called by some the Obelisk of Cleopatra was created in Egypt in the 1 st century BCE.

In the research of obelisks by the New Age author, Peter Tompkins in his book, The Magic of Obelisks, he writes the following. The circle at the base on the obelisk represents the female vagina and thus male/female duality.

Also notice the lines extending from the circle, forming a Union Jack as seen on the British flag. The most blatant symbols of Freemasonry’s obsession with Egypt are not hidden in its temples, but they stand in public view. the obelisk freemasonet accordingtothediscoveries belzoniandcommdergorringe.

egyptiansymbolscomparedwiththosediscovered rsramericanmounds. john",m.d.Vatican obelisk: Located in St. Peter’s Square, the Vatican obelisk was moved from Egypt to its current location in The circle at the base on the obelisk represents the female vagina and thus male/female duality.

Also notice the lines extending from the circle, forming a. The true Egyptian obelisk was made from a single block of red granite or similar rock, and its pyramidal top, the pyramidion, was sheathed in gold or electrum, and was about a tenth of the total height.

It was an offering to the sun god Re, whose rays glistened at its top. There was a small chamfer at each corner of the base.